Speaking of Choices . . .

I’ve made a million of these myself.    In the past, I would have said some were ‘Great Choices’, some were ‘OK Choices’ and some were just simply ‘Bad’.  But, to be honest, they were the best decision I could make with the information, experience and the knowledge that I had at that time.  And I’ve now realised that placing a value or judgment on these can keep me stuck in the past.  They are what they are, but I can take some learnings or understandings from them.

My choices have led me to work in high stress, demanding and ever-shifting environments where the people, the politics and the power were chaotic and dysfunctional.  I experienced toxic and bullying workplaces, but managed to survive them.   I collaborated with creative and high functioning executives to help them achieve their ambitions.  I assisted those in their most vulnerable moments during a health crisis to feel respected and listened to.  I’ve made big career changes in my life and taken risks on new beginnings including my training as a certified NLP Master Practitioner and Coach.

With all of my choices and experiences, I see these as points of connection with others. I hope they can assist you to getting into the driver’s seat to transform your choices … and your life.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Gabrielle standing casually in her olive top while waiting to talk to you

Ready for a change?